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Myscreen diamond glass for iPhone6


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Myscreen diamond glass for iPhone6

Myscreen diamond glass for iPhone6

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Gross depth (mm):10.00
Gross height (mm):180.00
Gross weight:0.04
Gross width (mm):100.00
Net weight:0.02
Packing quantity:1.00
Tare weight (kg):0.02
Volume (m3):0.00
Features:* Perfectly transparent; * Characterized by the highest scratch resistance (9H-10H); * It significantly protects against screen fractures, i.e. in the case your device falls; * The oleophobic surface allows for easy removal of stains from the screen; * The screen is pleasant to touch; * The material does not interfere with the touch screen function; * It is easy to install without air bubbles and does not leave any residues after being removed; * Rounded (2.5D) and polished borders makes it perfect for grip and safe for your hand.
Type:Diamond glass screen protector
Material:Diamond glass
Compatibility:iPhone 6/6s
Contents:1 pc. dedicated diamond glass, 1 set of EasyApp KIT, wet cloth, dry cloth, dust remover, multilingual manual
Scratch resistant:9 – 10 H
Embeeded battery:No
WEEE tax:No