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Atminties kortelė Kingston SDHC 16GB CL4


Kodas SD4/16GB
Operatyvinė atmintis (RAM) 16 GB
Vidinės atminties talpa (internal storage capacity/ROM) 16 GB
Atminties talpa (GB) - Bendra / Memory capacity (GB) - Total 16 GB
Jungties tipas SD** - (HC/XC)
Atminties talpa / Storage capacity 16 GB
Atminties kortelės greičio klasės / Memory card speed class chart Class 4
60 mėn. garantija
1 - 4 d.d.
20+ vnt.
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Atminties kortelė Kingston SDHC 16GB CL4

Atminties kortelė Kingston SDHC 16GB CL4

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Atminties kortelės tipas:SDHC
Atminties talpa (flash):16
Įrašymo greitis:4
Įrašymo apsaugos perjungėjas:Taip
Papildoma informacija:CLASS 4
Daugiau informacijos:www.kingston.com [LINK]
Kiti prekės pavadinimaiKINGSTON SDHCCard 16GB SDcard 2.0 SDHC highspeed class 4
Atminties kortelė Kingston SDHC 16GB CL4
Kingston 16GB SDHC Class 4 Flash Card, EAN: '740617126822

Class 4 SDHC

Best for point-and-shoot cameras

• Designed for high-quality digital and still cameras
• Minimum transfer rate of 4MB/s
• Supports FAT32 file format
• Lifetime warranty, free technical support

SDHC cards offer larger-volume data storage and optimized recording performance with support for FAT 32 file formats. In addition, Kingston’s SDHC cards use a new speed "class" rating known as Class 2, 4 or 6 that delivers a minimum transfer rate for optimum performance with SDHC devices. Although identical in size to today’s standard SD card, the new SDHC cards are designed differently and are only recognized by SDHC host devices. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC logo on cards and host devices (cameras, camcorders, etc.). For added reliability and durability, our solid-state SDHC memory cards are built of nonvolatile memory components and have no moving parts that could wear out or break. All cards are 100-percent tested and are backed by a lifetime warranty.