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Lenovo Warranty 5WS0A14096 4Y Depot


Kodas 5WS0A14096
No Warranty
1 - 4 d.d.
10 vnt.
169,42 €
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Lenovo Warranty 5WS0A14096 4Y Depot

Lenovo Warranty 5WS0A14096 4Y Depot

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Short Description:Lenovo Warranty Services present a wide variety of break-fix warranty servcie plans for all Lenovoo machines. Extend service terms to match depreciation schedule or planned PC refresh cycle and upgrade to preffered service comfort level. Fixed-term, fixed-cost service solutions allowing to accurately predict equipment expenses over the term of coverage. • Warranty Extensions are available for periods of 2 and 3 years or up to 5 years for selected Think PCs (depending on system) icluding initial base warranty period.
Tipas:Lenovo Warranty Extension from 1year Depot to 2years Depot
Ypatybės:• Courier Collect or Depot Service: Parts and labor repair coverage where shipping (including packaging) or delivery to the repair center is paid by Lenovo.
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LENOVO ThinkPlus ePac 1YR Depot to 4YR Depot