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LENOVO 3YR Onsite Next Business Day - TopSeller Service


Kodas 5WS0A23776
No Warranty
1 - 4 d.d.
0 vnt.
91,98 €
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LENOVO 3YR Onsite Next Business Day - TopSeller Service

LENOVO 3YR Onsite Next Business Day - TopSeller Service

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Short Description:Lenovo Warranty Services present a wide variety of break-fix warranty servcie plans for all Lenovoo machines. Extend service terms to match depreciation schedule or planned PC refresh cycle and upgrade to preffered service comfort level. Fixed-term, fixed-cost service solutions allowing to accurately predict equipment expenses over the term of coverage. • Warranty Upgrades allow you to vary response time and level of service to match your critical support needs. Please note that response times are objectives and not guaranteed.
Tipas:Lenovo Warranty Upgrade from 1year Depot to 3years Onsite Next Business Day - TopSeller Services
Ypatybės:• Onsite Service: Parts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided onsite at customer's place of business or home. Onsite service is next business day or second business day, during normal in-country office hours and based on when call is received by the Lenovo support agent. A Lenovo certified technician will be dispatched to your place of business/residence in such cases where the problem cannot be solved over the phone.
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LENOVO 3YR Onsite Next Business Day - TopSeller Service