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Creative A250 2.1, 9 W


Kodas 51MF0420AA000
12 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
20+ vnt.
27,07 €
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Creative A250 2.1, 9 W

Creative A250 2.1, 9 W

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Tipas:2.1 Sound system
Valdymas:Wired remote control The wired remote incorporates a low friction precision volume dial that doubles as a power/standby switch while the AUX-in and headphone-out ports make it easy to connect to external devices or headphones for private listening. With the eco-friendly Low Standby Power technology (patent pending), a negligible amount of power is consumed in standby mode, as compared to other speaker systems.
Išmatavimai:Dimension (L x W x H) Weight: Satellite Speakers: 93mm x 76mm x 149mm, 352g Subwoofer: 287mm x 236mm x 213mm, 5.9kg Dimensions (Diameter x Height) Weight: Wired Remote: 60mm x 40mm, 85g