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Edifier R19U 2.0, 4 W


Kodas R19U
24 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
10 vnt.
20,91 €
UBL lizingas
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Edifier R19U 2.0, 4 W

Edifier R19U 2.0, 4 W

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Atšaukti arba 

Dažnių diapazonas:50Hz - 20KHz
Galingumas:2 x 2W RMS
Garsiakalbiai:2 x 2.75"
Signalo/triukšmo santykis:≧ 85 dBA
Maitinimas:USB Powered
Ypatybės:• The new 2.75-inch unit is physically sexy;
• Highly efficient, low power consuming Class-D digital amplifier;
• Inverted tube for a low, more solid curvature gradient;
• MDF-all wooden box for a purer sound;
• Designed to be slightly elevated for a more suitable listening position;
• Variety of material is used to achieve harmony, stability and style;
• Flexible USB or AUX connectivity;
• Textured adjustment knob.
Kita:Desktop 2.0 systems first appeared as a concept for multimedia speakers, compact and easy to use but it has long history of being low priced products with nothing to hype about sound-wise. The advent of Cruiser R19U will completely change everything! Featuring refined styling, sophisticated technology, easy functions, stunning sound quality, single 3.5mm AUX-input coupled with an affordable price, one can not ignore the transformation to a fine small desktop system!