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Speakers SVEN MS 2000, black


Kodas MS-2000
24 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
1 vnt.
52,71 €
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Speakers SVEN MS 2000, black

Speakers SVEN MS 2000, black

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Audio Output Mode:2.1 Channel Surround
System Components:2 Speakers
Output Power:40 W
Output Power per Channel:11 W
Subwoofer Output Power:18 W
Frequency Response:150Hz-20kHz
Subwoofer Frequency Response:50Hz-150Hz
Built-in Devices:Card Reader
Subwoofer:1 x 18W (1 x 5.25"), 28cm x 27.3cm x 14cm
Front:2 x 11W (1 x 3"), 9.5cm x 15.2cm x 9.5cm
Audio Line-In Interface Quantity:2
USB Interface Quantity:1
Nominal Weight:4.3 kg
Package Type:Box
External Colour:Black
Device Location:External
Fabrication Material:MDF
Warranty Products returnable:Yes
Warranty Term (months):24 month(s)
Warranty validation Criteria:Serial Number
Pack Weight Brutto (kg):0.4 kg
Pieces in pack:1
Box Weight Brutto (kg):0.1 kg
Packs in Box:1
TM SVEN launched in the Russian market in 1991 as a computer periphery trademark. At that time when the national electronics market started to get civilized forms, SVEN offered a high quality product at a saleable price for every Russian citizen. The corner stone of company business is optimal correlation between price & quality.The most significant milestone in terms of brand development in Russia became recognition of SVEN acoustic systems as “Opening of the year” in 2001. During the next six years SVEN regularly obtained recognition of authoritative sound experts. A rank "Brand of the year” also went to SVEN in a nomination "Computer focused acoustics" (2002-2007).In addition to the acoustic line including more than 60 models, the major part of company’s business remains the production of high-quality computer periphery devises, home theatres components and equipment for electric devices protection. SVEN constantly extends the products range in order to fully satisfy the clients’ requirements.Now SVEN is multinational structure with its own research base and engineering center carrying on uninterrupted investigations in innovation sphere.The company attaches primary importance to concern of the end consumer; therefore it scrupulously chooses partners in the regions and constantly extends its service network – there are more than two hundred authorized service centers in Russia.SVEN highly appreciate its clients and strives for becoming a favorite electronics brand in every home and office.