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Hitachi Travelstar 5K1000 5400 RPM, 1000 GB, 2.5 ", HTS541010A9E680


Kodas HTS541010A9E680
Maksimalus sukimosi greitis - aps/min (Rotational speed - rpm) 5400 rpm (5.4k)
Duomenų kaupiklio talpa (GB) 1 TB
Jungties sąsaja (connectivity interface) SATA (Serial ATA)
Laikinosios atminties dydis (MB) - Cache size (MB) 8 MB
Atminties talpa / Storage capacity 1 TB
24 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
10 vnt.
45,74 €
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Hitachi Travelstar 5K1000 5400 RPM, 1000 GB, 2.5 ", HTS541010A9E680

Hitachi Travelstar 5K1000 5400 RPM, 1000 GB, 2.5 ", HTS541010A9E680

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Device Location:External
Hard Drive Type:Portable
Form Factor:2.5"
Storage Capacity:1 TB
Supports Data Channel:SATA III-600
Installed Cache Memory Storage Capacity:8 MB
Sector Capacity:512 B
Rotational Speed:5400 rpm
Average Rotational Delay:5.5 ms
Average Seek Time:12 ms
Track-to-Track Seek Time:1 ms
Maximum Seek Time:20 ms
Internal Data Bit Rate:998 Mbps
External Data Bit Rate:600 MB/sec
SATA Interface Quantity:1
Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature:60 °C
Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature:0 °C
Maximum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature:65 °C
Minimum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature:-40 °C
Maximum Power Consumption:4.5 W
Minimum Power Consumption:0.1 W
Shock Tolerance Operating:400G @ 2ms
Shock Tolerance Storage:1000G @ 1ms
Depth (mm):100 mm
Height (mm):9.5 mm
Width (mm):70 mm
Nominal Weight:0.0001 kg
Package Type:Bulk
Warranty Products returnable:Yes
Warranty Term (month):24 month(s)
Warranty validation Criteria:Serial Number
Pack Weight Brutto (kg):0.12 kg
Pieces in pack:1
Packs in Box:20
HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) is a new type of storage company designed for a new world in which ever-increasing amounts of content are being generated from cloud services, Internet content providers, social networks and mobile devices. HGST has an unmatched reputation for reliability and offers a broad portfolio of innovative, high quality hard disk and solid state drives that store, manage and protect the world’s data. Their drives are relied on by enterprises, Internet companies, consumers and creative professionals to store and manage their data efficiently and securely.