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Goodyear Transport Rope Set


Kodas GY-BC-3810
24 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
1 vnt.
6,51 €
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Goodyear Transport Rope Set

Goodyear Transport Rope Set

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Gross depth (mm):220.00 mm
Gross height (mm):180.00 mm
Gross weight:0.19 kg
Gross width (mm):140.00 mm
Net weight:0.15 kg
Tare weight (kg):0.04 kg
Volume (m3):0.01 m³
WEEE tax:No
Producer product name:Transport Rope Set
Other features:With rope support, you can attach items so that they are stable, do not slip or break during the journey. In the collection you will find 10 quality ropes of varying lengths with wide steel hooks at the ends. Goodyear transport ropes are packed in a convenient package that will not take up much space in your car.