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SUPERMICRO 1U, Slim CD-Rom Assembly Kits


Kodas CSE-PT92L
12 mėn.
1 - 3 d.d.
1 vnt.
1,82 €
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SUPERMICRO 1U, Slim CD-Rom Assembly Kits

SUPERMICRO 1U, Slim CD-Rom Assembly Kits

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Accessory Name:1U, Slim CD-Rom Assembly Kits
Certifications:SC812's, SC813's, ROHS
Warranty Products returnable:Yes
Warranty Term (month):12 month
Warranty validation Criteria:Serial Number
Pack Width (mm):102 mm
Pack Height (mm):457 mm
Pack Depth (mm):356 mm
Pack Weight Brutto (kg):2.7 kg
Pieces in pack:1
EAN Code:672042009619
Established in 1993, Supermicro emphasizes superior product design and uncompromising quality control to produce outstanding industry-leading motherboards, chassis and server systems that offer maximum functionality and compatibility. With a staunch commitment to quality and a leading tradition of being first to market, Supermicro's high-end motherboards and server systems consistently deliver cutting-edge performance and reliability. Supermicro specializes in Server Building Block Solutions for mission-critical applications such as high-end graphics, modular computing, and enterprise storage system development to better serve today's rapidly changing global business needs.