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Fortron FSP200-50GSV 200 W


Kodas FSP200-50GSV
Korpuso tipas (Form factor) SFX
Kabeliu tipas (Cable configuration) Standartinis / Fixed
PSU Galia (W) / Output power (W) 65 - 200 W
Efektyvumo sertifikatai (Efficiency sertificates) 80 PLUS® Bronze
24 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
10 vnt.
31,76 €
UBL lizingas
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Fortron FSP200-50GSV 200 W

Fortron FSP200-50GSV 200 W

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Ypatybės:•80 PLUS® Bronze certified •Full Range Input (90-264V) •Active PFC •Over voltage protection •Low ripple & noise •Over current protection
Kita:This SFX form factor PSU has a real power rating of 250W (continuous). It is ideal for small form factor chassis (e.g. Micro-ATX) in which quiet operation is important, since the location of the fan on the inner side reduces the noise level.