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Microlab K-290


Kodas K-290
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Microlab K-290

Microlab K-290

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Išmatavimai:202 x 252 x 70mm
Cable length:2 m m
Maximum cable length:2 m m
Frequency range:20Hz ~ 20KHz GHz
Weight:163.5g g
Producer product name:K-290
Net weight:0.18 kg
Gross weight:0.28 kg
Other features:Features:* Brandnew headphone in sapphire blue. With its surface PU-processed, K-290 makes the best choice of fashion pursuers;* With 40mm Neodymium magnet driver and ultra-thin diaphragm, this headphone is endowed with dynamic frequency range and natural transition from high to low frequency. With K-290, you will get full and rich listening experience;* The MIC arm with a 270 rotational degree is made in dust-free workshop and uses noise-proof spiral shield wire with Oxygen-free copper cord, which significantly minimizes background noise, making smooth and clear communication possible even at the time of online gaming or chat;* The 2-meter long cable not only provides more freedom of movement, but also speedy transfer with high quality coiled Oxygen-free copper wires;
Sensitivity:108 dB dBmW
Device connectivity:- Input plug type: 3.5mm stereo- Mic plug type: 3.5mm pink- Inline control: Inline volume control
Warranty:12 month(s)
Dimensions (WxDxH):202 x 252 x 70mm mm
Special features:- Excellent sound handlings and production- Firm headband- Boom microphone- Large ear pads to reduce external noise, passive noise cancellation
Driver unit:40mm Neodymium Magnet mm
Impedance:32 ohms Ω
Product type:Headset