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Dell Adapter - Mini DisplayPort to VGA


Kodas 470-13630
12 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
0 vnt.
6,35 €
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Dell Adapter - Mini DisplayPort to VGA

Dell Adapter - Mini DisplayPort to VGA

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Vendor Homepage:http://accessories.euro.dell.com/sna/PopupProductDetail.aspx?c=ie&l=en&cs=iebsdt1&sku=470-13630
Unit Net Weight:0.01 kg
Shipping box quantity:1
15pin D-sub:1
Option for Models:Precision M3800, XPS 13
Unit Brutto Volume:0.000132 cubm
Mini DisplayPort:1
Shipping Box Width:11 cm
Shipping Box Depth:24 cm
Shipping Box Height:0.5 cm
Shipping Box Weight:0.064 kg
Full Description Line:Option for Models Precision M3800, XPS 13|1x15pin D-sub|1xMini DisplayPort|Colour Black

The Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter from Dell lets you view video content from any desktop or laptop with Mini DisplayPort video output on a variety of VGA-compliant displays. This Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter supports resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 pixels to provide crisp, rich video. this plug-and-play adapter is small enough to keep on hand for impromptu presentations for clients or movie nights with friends This adapter allows you to take video content from your desktop or laptop and display it on any monitor, projector or HDTV featuring VGA input.