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Dėklas Folio Case with LED Light for Kindle - Slate Silver


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Dėklas Folio Case with LED Light for Kindle - Slate Silver

Dėklas Folio Case with LED Light for Kindle - Slate Silver

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LED Light – Clear and crisp LED light for reading in low to no light conditions, powered by Kindle Metallic Color - Fun & stylish designs in metallic color range Easy & Secure – Kindle clips securely into place with ease Full Access – Provides full access to all buttons without need to remove Folio Cases with LED Light for KindleGeneral Product Description Carry your Kindle in style and read anytime, anywhere with Verbatim’s Folio Case with LED light. Available in three metallic colors, this sleek and slim, yet durable case is lined with ultra-soft micro-fiber to protect your Kindle from scratches and scruffs, associated with daily wear and tear. The built-in, LED light illuminates the Kindle screen allowing you to read in areas of low to no light. When not in use, the LED light folds flat, to maintain the slim profile of the case when closed. The Verbatim Folio Case with LED Light is designed to protect your Kindle even when in use. The Case design allows full access to all ports and buttons, no need to remove the Kindle. Just open the box, insert your Kindle into the easy to use clips, and you’re ready to go – no batteries or further assembly required. Stay stylish while protecting your Kindle Don’t let the fashionably sleek and slim exterior fool you. The Verbatim Folio Case with LED light was designed first and foremost to protect your Kindle. Four corner clips, custom designed for use with your Kindle, hold the device snug and secure, and the ultra-soft micro-fiber lining protects the screen from scuffs and scratches. Simply snap the Kindle into place, and your Kindle is ready to go wherever you are. And don’t worry – the Verbatim Folio Case with LED Light was designed to protect your Kindle even when in use. With full access to all ports and buttons, there’s no need to remove the Kindle from the protective case – simply open and enjoy.Easy to Care For The Verbatim Folio Case with LED Light is designed to fit your active lifestyle. In addition to the visual appeal of the metallic finish, the cover is constructed of simulated leather, so keeping it clean is a snap – simply spot treat with soap and water as needed.Let there be light! Day or night, inside or out, the Verbatim Folio Case with LED Light ensures that you’ll never be without illumination. Designed specifically to illuminate a Kindle display, the integrated LED light draws power from the Kindle, so no batteries are required. And since the light source is LED, there’s no need to worry about replacing any bulbs – you’re guaranteed light for your Kindle, wherever you are, for years to come. The integrated LED light is designed to be ready when you need it, but store out of sight when you don’t. When ready to use, simply flip up the self-illuminating light for glare-free light across the Kindle display. When finished, simply snap the light back into place, or close the cover. The light turns itself off.What’s in the box? • Kindle Case with LED LightInstallation Instruction Specifications • Color Options: Slate Silver, Pearl White and Bronze • Product Dimensions: 4.5 in. W x 6.5 in. H x 0.34 in. D • Compatibility: For use with Kindle only • Warranty – Two Year Limited Warranty Benefits of Verbatim LED Lighting for Kindle • LED provides crisp, clear light for reading • Requires no external power source – no need to change batteries • LED is energy efficient, which means the Kindle can power the light, with minimal impact on battery life • LED is extremely long-lasting – no need to worry about changing bulbs • Collapsible design allows case to close fully for sleek, slim profile Images What to look for when selecting a case Compatibility Kindle’s are available in a variety of different series, from the original Kindle, to the Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. As each different series has different overall dimensions, when selecting a case you want to be very sure that the case is designed for use with your series of Kindle. All Verbatim Kindle cases clearly state on the packaging which Kindle series they are compatible with. Construction Also important to consider is construction. What is the case made of? Is the case designed to be removed for use, or can the Kindle be used while still in the case? Does the Kindle clip securely into place? Looking for these construction elements in the case you select will help ensure you have your Kindle to enjoy for years to come. Lining Almost as important for protecting your Kindle as the construction of the case is the interior liner. Look for words like micro-fiber, micro-suede or plush in the description of the interior liner for your Kindle case. These materials will help ensure your Kindle is protected from surface scratches and scruffs associated with normal wear and tear. Lighting The original Kindle was designed with a passive display that utilizes e-Ink technology. What does this mean? It means that the screen itself doesn’t generate light. This is a positive thing in two ways: first, once a page loads, it requires no energy to maintain, giving the Kindle incredible battery life. Second, combined with a matte finish screen, the passive display has no glare or reflection, which means that it is easily legible in bright light, even direct sunlight. However, because the screen does not generate light – like a laptop, for example – the screen is not legible in low light or no light situations. To ensure that your Kindle is ready to use wherever you are, regardless of the lighting, look for Kindle cases with a built-in light.Care Your Kindle is designed to be as on the go as you are, and your case should be too. To ensure maximum enjoyment with minimal hassle, be sure to consider the care instructions for your Kindle Case. Can it be cleaned, and if so, how? Removable cases that can be washed or cases that can be spot cleaned with soap and water are recommended. Ideal for people on the go, cases that can be washed or spot treated ensure that your case stays looking like new for years to come.