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Universal Smart Folio for 8 tablets


Kodas 21067
24 mėn.
1 - 3 d.d.
16 vnt.
14,06 €
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Universal Smart Folio for 8 tablets

Universal Smart Folio for 8 tablets

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Vendor Homepage:http://www.trust.com/en/product/21067-aexxo-universal-folio-case-for-7-8-tablets-black
Unit Net Weight:0.15 kg
Fits Models:7-8” tablet
Unit Brutto Volume:0.000735 cubm
Shipping Box Width:15 cm
Shipping Box Depth:24.5 cm
Shipping Box Height:2 cm
Shipping Box Weight:0.203 kg
Full Description Line:Fits Models 7-8” tablet|Black|Weight 0.15 kg
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Aexxo Universal Folio Case for 7-8" tablets - black

  • Smart cover folio to protect your tablet from shocks, scratches and dust
  • Foldable flap that reveals the rear camera: no need to remove the cover to take pictures
  • Stand function with two different angles: vertical for portrait viewing and horizontal for easy typing and landscape viewing
  • Strong and durable hook system to mount the tablet, while not overlapping buttons or connections
  • Magnetic closure
  • Durable design that’s easy to clean