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Verbatim Video Cassette DVC DV Casette, 60 min


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Verbatim Video Cassette DVC DV Casette, 60 min

Verbatim Video Cassette DVC DV Casette, 60 min

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Type:DV Casette
Recording time:60 min
Other features:Verbatim Digital Video Cassette's are for use with Mini Digital Video (DV) Camcorders. These cassettes enable 60 minutes of high quality recording and feature an anti-static lid for error free recording. The durable cartridge is designed for repeated use and the high quality tape provides excellent long-term storage for all your home movies.
Warranty:0 month(s)
Producer product name:Video Cassette DVC
Tare weight (kg):0.016 kg
Gross depth (mm):16 mm
Gross width (mm):74 mm
Gross height (mm):52 mm
Capacity:60min ml
Gross width master carton:280 mm
Gross height master carton:90 mm
Net weight master carton:0.9 kg
Tare weight master carton:1.056 kg
Inner carton packing Qty:5 pc(s)
Volume (m3):0.000061568 m³
Net weight:0.018 kg
Gross weight:0.034 kg
PET:14 g
Plastic (No PET):2 g
Packing quantity:50 pc(s)
Gross depth master carton:180 mm