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NewStar Projector Ceiling Mount (height: 8-98 cm)


Kodas BEAMER-C200
3 years
1 - 4 d.d.
2 vnt.
88,49 €
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NewStar Projector Ceiling Mount (height: 8-98 cm)

NewStar Projector Ceiling Mount (height: 8-98 cm)

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ShortDesc:NewStar Projector Ceiling Mount (height: 8-98 cm)
Type:Beamer ceiling mount
Compatibility:Ideal for: all beamers
Color:Silver (aluminium)
This NewStar Projector / beamer mount allows you to mount your BEAMER to the ceiling. The kit is universal allowing the user to use this system with most beamers. It is supplied with many extension plates to be used with every beamer holepattern. The beamer can easily be turned to the best viewing angle. The height can be changed from 8 to 98 cm offering many different hights. Cables can be placed in the column.
  • Carryingweight: 15 kg
  • Height adjustment: yes (8 - 98cm)</LI>
  • Tilt/pitch: yes
  • Rolls: yes
  • Rotates: yes
  • Length: -
  • Mount: universal