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Elite Screens Tripod 4:3, 182.9 cm


Kodas T120NWV1
24 mėn.
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109,95 €
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Elite Screens Tripod 4:3, 182.9 cm

Elite Screens Tripod 4:3, 182.9 cm

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Ypatybės:The Elite Tripod Series screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor presentations. This proven and reliable tripod portable projection screen combines precision with the elegance of a traditional design. Its rugged construction will withstand the rigors of daily usage while its adjustable locking ring provides ease in its adjustable height settings. Elite Screens MaxWhite screen material is easy to clean and durable for daily use. It includes with a 1.1 gain projection surface and 160˚ wide viewing angle and is suitable for most applications from commercial presentations to home cinema. The material is black-backed to eliminate light penetration while its textured projection surface helps to eliminate Moiré or “hot spotting”.
Tipas:Front projection screen
Diagonal:120" Diagonal Viewing Size (96.0"W x 72.0"H)
Aspect Ratio:4:3 Aspect Ratio
Medžiaga:Screen Material MaxWhite 1.1 Gain Screen Material is durable and easy to clean 160 degree wide viewing angle for commercial and residential presentations Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction Black masking enhances picture contrast
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