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ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus - Video card cooler - 92 mm


Kodas S0919/ DCACO-V300101-BL
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1 - 4 d.d.
2 vnt.
18,02 €
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ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus - Video card cooler - 92 mm

ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus - Video card cooler - 92 mm

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Aušinimo elementas:Vaizdo plokštė (chipset)
Radiatoriaus rūšis:Aliuminis
Radiatoriaus plotis:119
Radiatoriaus aukštis:51
Radiatoriaus gylis:94
Ventiliatoriaus guolio rūšis:FDB
Ventiliatoriaus apsisukimų greitis:900-2000
Akustinis triukšmas:-23,5
Oro srautas:-27
Ventiliatoriaus plotis:92
Ventiliatoriaus aukštis:25
Ventiliatoriaus gylis:92
Įmontuotas ventiliatorius:Ne
LCD ekranas:Ne
Maitinimo jungties tipas:4-pin
Neto svoris:250
Papildoma informacija:GTS 450, 240(OEM), GT 440, 340, 330, 320
Daugiau informacijos:www.arctic.ac
Trumpas aprašymasThe Accelero L2 Plus is a cross compatible VGA cooler designed for low end to mid-range graphic cards, same as his predecessor L2 Pro but with a wider compatibility and enhanced RAM and VR cooling. A comprehensive RAM/VR cooling set is also included to improve the cooling performance of RAM/VR.SavybėsCooling performanceEnhanced RAM and VR coolingVirtually silentMulti-compatiblePrekės savybėsCooling performance Featuring a 92mm PWM fan and a cooling capacity of 120 Watts, the Accelero L2 Plus ensures components are performing under ideal temperature. The pre-applied MX-4 thermal compound allows enhanced thermal conductivity from the GPU, thus considerably extending its service life.Enhanced RAM and VR cooling In order to boost the cooling efficiency of RAM and VR, the Accelero L2 Plus comes with the G-1, an electrically non-conductive thermal glue used to affix RAM and VR heatsinks on the VGA board. Unlike generic thermal tapes, the G-1 offers high thermal conductivity with excellent adhesiveness. Moreover, removing the G-1 is extremely easy without leaving any residues.Virtually silent Operated by a low noise impeller enclosed in a patented fan holder to reduce the buzzing sound when the fan is spinning, the Accelero L2 Plus is barely audible even running at full load. To enable minimum noise level at all circumstances, the PWM controller enables the fan to run at the optimal speed according to the load generated by the GPU.Multi-compatible To accommodate a broad range of models, the Accelero L2 Plus comes with a versatile mounting mechanism and an extensive RAM and VR cooling set consisting of 16 pieces of RAM/VR heatsinks in various sizes. Featuring the CrossFire and SLI compatibility the users benefit from the optimized performance of a multi-VGA setup.