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Rašalo kasetė HP 82 black | 69ml | Designjet 510


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Rašalo kasetė HP 82 black | 69ml | Designjet 510

Rašalo kasetė HP 82 black | 69ml | Designjet 510

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Eksploatacinės medžiagos tipas:Rašalas
Spalva (eksploatacinės medžiagos):Juoda
Talpa (juodo rašalo kasetė):69
Daugiau informacijos:www.hp.lt [LINK]
Graphic designers and ad agencies specialising in packaging, point-of-sale or signage. Technical professionals specialising in architecture/engineering/construction (AEC), mechanical design or geographical information systems (GIS). Long-life printheads and ink cartridges mean fewer supplies changes and greater productivity. Replace individual supplies as needed, saving time and money. Multiple drops of ink are layered in a single dot to create smooth colour transitions and more directly printable colours. Precise dot placement ensures line drawings that are always clear and sharp. Smart technology enables ink cartridges, printheads and printer to communicate and maximise quality and performance. User alert provided when supplies need to be replaced.
  • Sharp detail, accurate lines, superior resolution
  • Reliable, trouble-free printing saves time
  • Original HP supplies – easy to buy, manage, and use
  • smartadserver