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Power - UPS TRIPP LITE Intelligent Line-Interactive UPS System 2250W 230V, Line Interactive 2U


Kodas SMX3000XLRT2U
24 mėn.
1 - 4 d.d.
1 vnt.
1 057,66 €
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Power - UPS TRIPP LITE Intelligent Line-Interactive UPS System 2250W 230V, Line Interactive 2U

Power - UPS TRIPP LITE Intelligent Line-Interactive UPS System 2250W 230V, Line Interactive 2U

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UPS Technology:Line Interactive
Output Power Capacity:3000 VA
Maximum Electrical Power Rating:2250 W
Nominal Output Voltage:230V
Certifications:UL1778, CE EN62040, SASO, GOST, IRAM
Diagnostics:Self Test
Status Notification Method:Alarm
Circuit Protection:Automatic Circuit Breaker
Surge Suppression:Yes
Output Waveform:Sinewave
Maximum Output Voltage:248 V
Minimum Output Voltage:186 V
Maximum Output Frequency:60 Hz
Minimum Output Frequency:50 Hz
Output Power Connectors Quantity:9
Output Power Connectors Type:IEC320 C13/IEC320 C19
Input Power Connectors Quantity:1
Input Power Connectors Type:IEC-320 C20
Battery Location:internal
Battery Backup Time at Full Load:4 min
Battery Backup Time at Half Load:13 min
Battery Recharge Time:2 hr
Expansion Slot Quantity:1
Management Port Quantity:5
Management Port Connector Type:RJ-11
RS-232 9-pin D-Sub
USB 4-pin
Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature:40 °C
Maximum Operating Humidity:95 %
Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature:0 °C
Minimum Operating Humidity:0 %
Maximum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature:50 °C
Minimum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature:-15 °C
Standard Rack Height:2 U
Cable Included:Serial Cable
USB Cable
Warranty Products returnable:Yes
Warranty Term (month):24 month
Warranty validation Criteria:Serial Number
Pack Weight Brutto (kg):15.206 kg
Pieces in pack:1
Whatever size computer system you manage, the SmartPro Rackmount family of UPS systems has the perfect power protection solution to safeguard your equipment investment and maintain your productivity. SmartPro Rackmount UPS Systems offer everything you need to protect computer systems in a single box, providing complete protection against all types of power problems (brownouts, blackouts, surges and line noise). Line-interactive operation—also known as automatic voltage regulation (AVR)—automatically regulates incoming voltage to keep equipment working through low voltage (brownouts) and high voltage conditions* indefinitely, without draining battery power. SmartPro Rackmount UPS Systems provide reliable battery power to keep computers up safely through short blackouts and allow enough time to safely shut down during longer ones. In addition, all AC outlets are backed by internal surge suppression and line noise filtering components to protect equipment from damage due to lightning and surges or audio/video distortion due to line noise.