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PCM SNMP External adapter PCM


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PCM SNMP External adapter PCM

PCM SNMP External adapter PCM

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Ypatybės:The .NETpower card/box provides customer with a very advanced yet easy-to-use network management function. It supports both SNMP & HTTP.
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is used widely in network management field. With the support for SNMP, the .NETpower turns the UPS into an industrial standard network management device. Customer can use an SNMP NMS (such as HP OpenView, IBM NetView...) to manage your UPS over LAN or Internet.
Moreover, the .NETpower card will create a website for your UPS. You can view the information of the UPS and control the UPS remotely as easily as surfing on a web site. In addition to the network management function, it will notify you when an event occurs, and even shut down multiple systems on the LAN.
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