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AEG UPS Protect D.3000 w/ BP 2700 W


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AEG UPS Protect D.3000 w/ BP 2700 W

AEG UPS Protect D.3000 w/ BP 2700 W

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Specialios funkcijos:• VFI topology (online /double conversion) protects against all network problems
• An increase of the available performance by approx. 20 % through a 0.9lag power factor
• Increased efficiency through the ECO and ECO+ mode
• Advanced battery charging technology for maximum durability of the battery
• Hot-swappable batteries, easy replacement through hinged front
• Additional battery packs for easy scaling of the autonomy times
• Extension slot for communication cards, communication in parallel is possible through the RS232 / USB interface and SNMP
• Low height (2 U) including integrated batteries
• Switchable UPS outputs with innovative locking mechanism
• Display of the UPS parameters on a graphic LCD, direct configuration is possible with the control panel
• Freely programmable potential-free contact plus emergency shutdown contact
• May also be used as a frequency converter
• 36-months warranty (free registration required)
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